The Vacation Guys


1. Check available dates for the destination you selected.
2. Submit a contact form from main menu requesting the dates.
3. You will receive a rental agreement via email.
4. Sign the rental agreement, along with a credit card authorization of $250 to hold the reservation.
5. You will receive a Welcome Packet via email.  This contains directions, check-in procedures, etc. You will     be assigned a door code for your stay - there are no keys required!
6. The remaining balance is due within 14 days of arrival.  

  • Your $250 deposit will be forfeited if you cancel within sixty (60) days of scheduled arrival.
  • You will receive a full refund of any monies paid if you cancel more than sixty (60) days of your scheduled arrival.
  • WEATHER: No refund will be given for inclement weather. A full refund will be given in the event of a named storm or mandatory evacuation. 
  • No refunds will be given other than the above.

Please understand that these are our personal vacation homes.  The houses and all of the contents belong to us and it is important to us that they be taken care of. When we rent our home to strangers, we trust that they will be taken care of. For this reason and so that future guests can enjoy the same well-maintained home that you have, we demand that any damage be billed to your credit card accordingly.

A credit card authorization must be signed, authorizing any damage or additional cleaning fees to be charged to your credit card.  This is non-negotiable and you agree to take responsibility for any damage that occurs during your stay.

We understand that normal wear and tear will occur, and this is to be expected.  It is not our intent to charge guests for expected items such as a broken glass, lost fork ,etc.

If you require additional clarification on this policy, please ask.

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